Listen to ‘Hemaneh’ from forthcoming album ‘An Awkward Bow’ here….


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An Awkward Bow, follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed debut album V.O.T.T.O.L., will be released 31st January 2018. To browse, listen or buy DAMSELFLY music and merchandise please click on the ‘Music’ link above.

Praise for V.O.T.T.O.L.

“Stunningly atmospheric debut from solo electronic post-rock composer based in Sussex. Full disclosure – I do know him vaguely through meeting him at gigs and stuff, but I know hundreds of people from meeting them at gigs and stuff, and very few of them have made records this good.” – Cath Aubergine’s ‘Albums of 2017’ Review

“It’s up to everyone to negotiate their path round sound. And music, after all, is an emotive medium; its most expressive impulses often delineated through the most abstract or opaque passages of sounds. You can do a lot worse than finding a way to let this record flex its muscle.” – Richard Foster ‘Louder Than War’….

….full review here

“Glorious. If you like New Order’s ‘Elegia’ then you’ll love this”

“Beautiful piece of multi-layered ambience…An astoundingly accomplished debut “