New album, interview, video and other news. It’s all go I tell you…

Latest News:

DAMSELFLY’s third album ‘We Chose The Wilderness’ is now out in the big wide world and getting a decent amount of love. Click the music link to find out more and take a listen yourself. Like the song from Grease (sort of) said, there are worse things you could do.

I have also recently been interviewed by the mighty Louder Than War magazine about all things DAMSELFLY. If you’d like to hear me banging on about strange goings on up Lancing Ring, ghost-echoes of hill walkers long gone and potentially dubious early 80’s vinyl fetishism then read on…

Damselfly Interviewed

The video featured above for ‘Mountain Ghost A’, which appears on WCTW was filmed, produced and edited by the visionary eye and hand of Chris Tomsett, AKA Innerstrings. You can check out more of Chris’ work here:

The album artwork was once again created by honorary DAMSELFLYs John Lymer (original photography and artwork) and Jack MacRae (additional graphics and design). Apart from being very talented artists, Chris, John and Jack are also fine human beings, so working with them is a joy.

Being a restless soul I’ve started work on the next album already. It’s going to be called (a)trophy, and this time I’ve set myself the challenge of writing an entire album without any drums / beats (of the percussive kind), so expect some full-on ambience and neoclassical adventures. So far, so good. It’ll be out sometime next year.

All the best,

Darren James Holloway